We get it Modest! Liam has a girlfriend. Thanks. The daily reminders are 100% necessary. Totally. Yep.

Did we mention she has a vagina? No homo. For real. 100% no homo.


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#but that it would be so nice to declare your love in front of thousands of people just like that#but you can't#so you go backstage and wear your love's shirt instead#because you love them OMG THANKS FOR MAKING ME CRY YOU MEANIE!!! do you think it was painful for them :(
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I’m sorry little buddy I didn’t mean to make you cry!

I mean, look. It was a really happy and joyous occasion that Harry took part in with everything he has because that’s Harry. He loves love and he wants to make people happy. I have NO DOUBT that it made him happy that he was able to help that couple. It was a happy, good moment.

But then there’s the other part. The one without straight privilege. Harry and Louis love each other so fiercely but they are not allowed to show that. That hurts.

It’s one part of the queer experience that I always talk about. It’s something that straight people can’t really know. A straight person sees someone express their love publicly and they get to awww at them without feeling excluded. They might picture things for themselves (I’m sure some straight people can get sad when they see happy couples but that’s not what I’m talking about here). Straight privilege is about having this overflowing happiness for other people but never having to feel that sting that comes with the knowledge that you can’t do that. Queer experience is about seeing all these amazing things happening around you but not being able to take part in.

That’s why it pains me to see Louis wear Harry’s shirt after the proposal. I’m sure he would scream his love for Harry if he only could. So he does what he can. And the only thing he can do now in public is to wear Harry’s shirt. It hurts because you just know how much Louis loves Harry but it also hurts because you get it. And it should never have to be that way. 

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Can we please never forget this

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christinekozlowski: Tour bus stylin with Harry himself. This man is a saint. If you only knew how amazing he made our night and this special proposal - he also saved our night after we had three dead cell phones, no ids, minimal cash, and a lost set of car keys. He just saved our night, and made this the most special night anyone could possibly ask for. Thank you @harrystyles. @beerad4220 and I are blessed beyond measure. Better than words.

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Jus bwts t go shoppin wi my man tommo !! Shud be fun aha
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I have a friend in the audience tonight, he’s called Bradley…”

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He was supposed to go on stage and Harry called him out for not waiting

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